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2021 / 89min / SRF



The top lawyer Corinne Perrault (Sabine Timoteo) is considered ruthless in her profession; she is fully committed to the interests of her clients. One day she floats lifeless in Lake Zurich. What at first seems like suicide quickly turns out to be murder. The suspect is the pharmaceutical entrepreneur Dr. Regula Arnold (Laura de Weck) in focus. With her company Argon, she developed the drug Volmelia, which caused devastating damage to some test subjects during the test phase. This is also the case with Klara Canetti (Anouk Petri). The girl is in a wheelchair because of an extremely rare disease. After taking Volmelia, she felt even worse than before, which is why Klara's mother sued the pharmaceutical company. The investigators Isabelle Grandjean (Anna Pieri Zuercher) and Tessa Ott (Carol Schuler) discover that Perrault had given the mandate for Volmelia two weeks before her death and had already been on sick leave for a long time...




Carol Schuler, Anna Pieri Zuercher, Therese Affolter, Anouk Petri, Laura de Weck, Sabine Timoteo, Robert Hunger-Bühler u.v.a.



Regie: Christine Repond
Buch: Stefanie Veith, Nina Vukovic
Kamera: Simon Guy Fässler
Ausstattung: Urs Beuter
Kostüm: Linda Harper
Schnitt: Ulrike Tortora
Musik: Marcel Vaid
Produzenten: Stefan Eichenberger, Ivan Madeo
Redaktion SRF: Gabriella de Gara, Urs Fitze, Fabienne Andreoli 
Redaktion ARD / Degeto: Birgit Titze  



In summary, it is a solid crime thriller that you can easily tune in to. Stern

A socially relevant topic, packed into an exciting plot, seasoned with a well-dosed pinch of subtle Swiss humor – what more could you want as a Tatort fan? Crime Scene fans

Although the filmmakers use numerous clichés, overall they tell a surprisingly nuanced story about corruption and the power of money. Prism